Cinzia D'Agostino

Something about me

I consider myself to be a lifelong apprentice of the art of living and working and I put all my energy, enthusiasm and gratitude into the task, even though I don’t always succeed.
The man I am lucky enough to have by my side says that I have great energy and a stubborn optimism in the future, that I am a “patient seamstress” and that I make him laugh. However, he also says I should allow things to flow naturally and accept natural disorder.
My mother says that I instil a sense of confidence and security but equally that I can be overly fussy and so difficult to deal with.
My best friend says I am creative, passionate, trusting and generous but also says I should learn to make free time and be as confident in my private life as I am in business.
One of my best friends paid me the compliment of saying I have a thirst for knowledge together with a sense of dedication and sacrifice for work. She doesn’t mention my shortcomings, but only because she cares about me and even says that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.

I enjoy helping others create a positive, constructive approach to work and try to support people in all the changes which, whether we like it or not, are part and parcel of our lives and the lives of businesses.

My qualifications and career are summed up in my LinkedIn profile but, more importantly, they are stored in the minds and hearts of the people with whom I have worked and collaborated.  They would be far more capable than I am of describing my flaws and virtues, my successes and the mistakes I have made along the way, what I have learnt so far and what I still have to learn.
What gives me most pleasure is when others say that I am a determined and competent professional who is willing to listen and attentive to people’s needs. What surprises me is when they say that I come across as being stern, that I don’t smile much and that the tone of my voice can be imperious. That’s not the way I feel, far from it! Yet if that is the impression I make, I have to work harder on combining professional integrity with my naturally sunny disposition.

I have always found business cards tedious and of little use. Standard definitions of professional roles give little idea of what a person really does and how they do it. 
Some Christmases ago, a graphics company gave me a box containing hundreds of business cards, each bearing my name and depicting a different role with irony, imagination and poetry.
I have made a selection of those which describe me best and the person I aspire to be professionally.

How can I define myself?
I’m a analyst of elusive targets:  I enjoy help others understand that sometimes, you can’t hit your target because your target is somewhere else, and you can’t see it.
I’m a pocket rainbow decorator: the rainbow came after the rain, and it finally reveals colors after a dark moment. In the same way I help others see their hidden rainbows, in order to find the colors that are covered by problems.
I’m a high-wire walker of the destiny: I believe that destiny is not a chain but a flight. When you fly you have to bear the air flows: but only if you take advantage of them you learn to fly.