"You can never invite the wind, but you must leave the window open." (Bruce Lee)
The world can be full of ideas, opportunities and incentives if you are willing to look, observe, listen and experiment.
It is essential that you understand how to find stimulation, satisfy your curiosity and quench your thirst for knowledge.
Some people start to read and study, others quite literally go round talking to people, others still go to places and meet people who are completely different and foreign to their world.  Each to his own, no one method is better than another.  Just look for what works for you.
Once you have understood what is best for you, our first five tips to help you find stimulating ideas are the following:

Abandon your preconceptions

We all have preconceptions and convictions that end up limiting our ability to make new discoveries or take an interest in something new. If you really want to find stimulating ideas that you hadn’t thought about before, it is important to let go of these preconceived ideas and convictions, at least for a while.  Allow yourself to be mesmerised by what you see or hear.  Try to understand things in depth before appraising or judging them. If you have a prejudice, consider it a signal that you need to explore it and understand it in greater depth.  Find someone who can help you in this process of abandoning your preconceptions, someone you can open up to and who will “keep an eye on you” to ensure your preconceptions don’t get the better of you. Try to make space for new ideas.

Adapt to opportunities

It is unlikely that the ideas and incentives that you find along this path will be a “good fit” straightaway.  More realistically, you need to be willing to adapt and accept that you will have to adapt your ideas and desires to bring them in line with what the outside world offers. Start from the assumption that any ideas you find will need to be further processed, honed and adapted and that you must also be prepared to make some changes.

Love life

To be truly open and receptive to the stimulation offered by the outside world, whether or not is it always obvious, you need to really love and be curious about life.  As with all expressions of true love, the greatest difficulty is loving all aspects, the best and the worst.
Only a genuine love of life can give you the energy to go out and look for ideas, without stopping at the first hurdle and to demonstrate a real interest in others and what can offer.  Only a genuine love of life can give you that creative, generative spirit which is essential in finding stimulation and things to get passionate about.

Reach out to others

The road to discovering stimulating ideas demands an actual physical and mental shift towards the outside world. This means reaching out to others, listening to new ideas, welcoming them and building rapport.
Always try to take the first step when reaching out towards others.  Be prepared to physically leave the house or the office. Visit places that are unfamiliar to you.  Ask questions.  Give others your attention and show your appreciation.  Transmit enthusiasm and be willing to really listen and engage in dialogue.

Allocate quality time

Don’t make the mistake of looking for stimulating ideas in your spare time or only sporadically.  The quest to find stimulating ideas should be considered a serious job requiring quality time, concentration and commitment.  Make it one of your priorities and schedule sufficient time your agenda, making sure you don’t allow your other engagements to encroach the time you set aside.  You might find it easier to consider the search for stimulating ideas a project you are handling on someone’s behalf and that you wish to do well.
#theartofworking is the art of allowing yourself to be inspired and transformed by the outside world