Mission and Values

The Working Room project stems from the desire and ambition to help people work well in order to generate wellbeing for themselves and for those around them.

Work bears a fundamental role in our lives and has a strong impact on our physical and psychological wellbeing.  We maintain that everyone has the right to do a job which brings satisfaction and rewards in the form of esteem, appreciation and earnings.
In today’s world, it is idealistic to rely purely on luck or other people to advance our careers. Success in the workplace demands a more proactive approach involving the courage to recognise and evaluate our abilities and to set well-defined objectives.

Faced with a difficult, competitive and uncertain world, it is crucial to face the challenges with initiative, creativity and determination.

It is our contention that a world in which everyone has a job that capitalises on their unique characteristics, capabilities, values, interests and talents is a better world where motivated, fulfilled and positive individuals have the tools to deal with the unavoidable complexities of life.

We are convinced that more than ever before the working world needs individuals who are generative, energised and entrepreneurial. We know that people who love their work are more creative and productive and so succeed in achieving superior results for themselves and for others.
For all these reasons, the Working Room project strives to:
provide expert, reliable, professional support for all those who share this vision and wish to build their future career.
To do so, we offer:
  • stimulation, ideas, considerations and tools through our website where we publish a series of articles every week arranged in 14 professional challenges each of which represents a challenge posed by the working world;
  • professional guidance services for individuals and businesses wishing to reflect upon the opportunities and projects they could pursue and how to go about it.

To our way of thinking, it is not utopistic to say that working well is an art and that work can bring lifelong rewards and wellbeing.  Adriano Olivetti, who did much to promote a positive working environment used to say: “The word utopia is often used to label what we don't want, can't, or aren't brave enough to do”.
We aspire to fuel the desire, capability and courage to work well.

We are profoundly convinced of our vision.
Working well is an art that generates wellbeing.