Business Consultancy Service

Bet on your Business

During the start-up phase of a business, it is crucial to decide your company’s vision, business model and strategies. Yet with market scenarios, client needs and competitor strategies in constant evolution, these aspects continue to be fundamental throughout the life of a company and represent opportunities and threats requiring close consideration.
What is the vision of your business?
What is the mission of your business today?
What promises does your business make its clients?
In what ways does your business set itself apart from its competitors?
Which indicators do you use to assess the success of your business?
Which resources do you need to grow your company?

How useful is business consulting?
We believe that business consulting has a significant role to play because those responsible for running companies or new entrepreneurial projects feel the need to:
  • consult people with different views and skills sets when deciding on strategies and action plans;
  • turn to a facilitator who can provide assistance for challenging, complex projects;
  • have the support of someone who can help accelerate changes and provide new skills for the development of the business.

Who is this service aimed at?
All those who have a business idea and wish to evaluate the strategic, financial and organisational feasibility and potential before found the business.
All those who run small or medium-sized businesses in need of development, reorganisation or restructuring.
All those who feel to skill up staff rapidly to help them cope more effectively with the challenges posed by the market.
All those who have family businesses and are dealing with generational transition or the admission of new partners in conjunction with development projects or strategic changes.

What are the results?
Our services enable clients to:
  • define, formalise and inform the workforce of the corporate vision, mission and all related strategic choices;
  • create and implement a business plan both for start-ups and established businesses in the process of development, reorganisation or restructuring;
  • link strategic choices to specific performance indicators;
  • define, formalise and implement projects and action plans in connection with the business plan;
  • providing the organisation with the capabilities required to support corporate strategies and the business plan.

What is our approach?
We have the expertise in terms of strategic planning and analysis, economic and financial planning, management control, organisational analysis, human capital development, change management and generational transition.
By working closely on the corporate project with the management team, we aim to transfer our competences and tools, so enabling the workforce to work autonomously.
We design and implement ad hoc training sessions honed to the specific areas of expertise that require building or reinforcement.

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