Individual Career Guidance

Everyone deserves to have a career plan that clearly defines what changes they can implement to improve their work and outlines how these professional objectives can be achieved.
Do you have a career plan? Can you outline your strategy?
How can you make the difference in your work?
How do you envisage your work developing?
What changes are you prepared to make to achieve greater job satisfaction?
What resources can you count on to improve your work?

These are only some of the questions we can help you find the right answers to.
The right answers are the ones that will give you the energy, motivation, desire and opportunity to plan your short- and long-term goals and implement your career strategy.

Why is Individual Career Guidance useful?
As a general rule, we are much better at giving other people advice.  When it comes to ourselves, it is more challenging and fatiguing to do so alone than setting aside the time with a dedicated professional who can help us increase our focus and work on ourselves without the distraction of our responsibilities towards others.
Regardless of our age, professional background or academic qualifications, everyone has talents, ideas and experience that can be exploited to develop and actively pursue a career strategy by drawing on our spirit of initiative.  There is no question that we must always be in charge of own career direction because leaving it to other people would pose too great a risk.

Who are our services for?
All those who wish to think of themselves as businesses requiring strategies and proper resources in order to optimise results.
All those who feel the need to focus clearly on their career goals and development and everything they need to do to realise them.
All those who need support to deal with specific employment problems such as looking for a new job, managing their career, solving conflicts, striking the right work-life balance, developing new skills and boosting earnings.

What results can be obtained?
This service will enable you to:
  • define, outline and plan your career goals or specific change or improvement objectives;
  • receive support during the implementation phase so that you can be confident of dealing successfully with the inevitable problems, changes, mistakes and lessons learnt when putting your ideas into action.

Which approach is used?
We will chose the most appropriate coaching, mentoring and counselling techniques for the client’s specific needs and skill set.
We deliver sessions in person, over the telephone or remotely using video conferencing technology.  We design and supply a range of tools which enable clients to plan objectives and monitor progress.  We develop individual training sessions based on the client’s career plan or professional development goals.
For more information on our services, please email us using the Contact Us page.