Professional Orientation and Evaluation

The first step: know yourself

The first fundamental step towards a satisfying job is to know what you want to do and what you are capable of doing.
What are your professional objectives and ambitions?
What are your resources?
What are your strengths and talents?
What are your interests and passions?
How can you make the most of them at work?
What is your unexpressed potential at work?

These are just a few of the questions we will use to help you reach the right answers for you. The right answers are those which will give you the energy, motivation, desire and ability to plan and implement tangible actions for your current and future occupation.

Why is professional orientation and evaluation important?
We all spend far too little time considering what we really want to do in life and how to go about it. Many people are not capable of explaining their strengths and competences clearly to others, nor do they know how best to exploit their capabilities.  Many think it impossible to turn their dreams, passions and interests into a serious career and that they have to be content with what the market offers. Many leave their future career in the hands of parents, relatives or friends who volunteer advice who, despite their best intentions, may not have the competences and experience to do so.  Many enter the working world thinking they will comprehend their career direction later on in life, but get caught up in the daily grind and never stop to consider if what they ended up doing is what they really want for themselves or if it is a source of wellbeing and satisfaction.

Who are our services for?
Young people weighing up study and career options.
All those who consider their jobs to have a fundamental role in expressing themselves, their values, ideas and capabilities.
All those who are going through difficult times at work and wish to find a new job, either because they are dissatisfied or because their jobs are at risk, and need guidance on how to approach the job market.
All those in employment who recognise the need to take stock of their working lives periodically in order to assess how to relaunch their careers and raise their levels of job satisfaction and motivation

What are the results?
Our services enable clients to:
  • take an in-depth look at their competences, aptitudes and experience with a view to describing and enhancing their strengths in a CV or during the course of a job interview;
  • build a map of their interests, desires, ambitions and identify how to associate them with a feasible study/work plan and career;
  • assess job opportunities and alternative careers and adopt the right criteria when making decisions;
  • define their professional objectives.

What is our approach?
We use in-person sessions, telephone conversations or video conferences.  Together with our clients, we examine documents such as CVs, cover letters and job descriptions to evaluate job offers. We provide the tools to assess competences, gather and evaluate information, build maps of preferences and objectives.
We provide know-how and expertise in psychology, organisation, human resources management, recruitment, evaluation of potential, labour market analyses, coaching and job development advice.
For more information on our services, please email us using the Contact Us page.